Protect your hair during workout


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Jul 5, 2011
Protect your hair during workout

With gyming and working out having become an essential part of our daily lives, we often face the dilemma of grease and stinky hair, after a through workout.

It is not a great idea to wash your hair every day, as it will result in scalp dryness and dandruff. If left otherwise, it may stink and itch. Here are some hair care tips to protect your mane while you are rigorously working in the gym, this sweltering summer.

- Pull all your hair up and lock it with an elastic band. This will avoid your hair clinging to perspiring skin. A high pony tail or a bun can secure your hair from getting wet. It will be completely out of your face and neck and will also help you workout comfortably. For any flyaways, use pins, hair band or gels.

- To keep your hair sweat proof, taking professional help is a good idea. There are certain hair care products available that can take care of your hair, when you exercise. The easiest would be getting styled, braids (like cornrows), a tight french plait or bob cut (chin length or pixie.

- You can style your damp hair by blow drying or using gel. This can prevent and postpone your continuous hair wash. Talcum powder can also be used to get rid of the stickiness of hair.

- When you are showering, use a suitable hair conditioner after a bath or during your workout (use leave in conditioner). This will prevent dryness and make your hair smell fresh. A good hair oil can replace conditioner once in a while.

- Remember to wash your hair-bands in mild soap solution, so that they don't affect your clean hair! A shower cap can also be used to lock your hair up if you have the luxury of working out in your home gym.

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