Psychological Effect Of Breast Cancer


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Feb 27, 2011
Psychological Effect Of Breast Cancer

1. Emotional Distress – Out of 236 breast cancer 41% were diagnosed with emotional distress. Emotional distress also effect the treatment of the cancer. Without mental support, medicines and other treatments take longer to react than usual. The emotionally effected Breast Cancer patients often deny medication and loose hope of recovery. This can be dangerous for the patient and hinder recovery.

2. Depression – 11% patients had shown signs of depression. The reasons of depression are several like – change in appearance, difference in their appeal, reduced confidence, physical deformity. Some of the signs of depression are suicidal tendencies, silence, reduced activity, loss of appetite and sleepless nights. All of it is dangerous fro the treatment as well as for the person. If not administered on time it might lead to turning vegetable for the patient.

Ways To Handle Psychological effects of Breast Cancer –

1. Psychiatrist – It is way to handle psychological effect of Breast Cancer patient is to take the help of Psychiatrist. Psychiatric treatment is the best way to cure emotion disorder of Breast Cancer as they assure complete recovery. The patient should be taken at the earliest sign of depression.

2. Societal Support – For the patient the basic cause of depression is the physical disorder in the case of breast amputation. Thus, at this point of time societal support that is, to make her feel as the same. By making life a normal as possible and by assuring that there won’t be any difference it the life works might help her feel better and more confident.

3. Independence – Make sure that her independence is not lost. Most of the time Breast Cancer emotional effect tends to make the patient avoid work and going to office. Make sure to force her to office. It is the best way to handle psychological effect of breast cancer. Only being a part of a normal lifestyle, will help her fight depression.

4. Personal Sympathy – No personal sympathy is the best way to handle psychological effect of breast cancer. Sympathy only ingrains the thought of distress. Assure the patient that nothing is more important then herself and that with her support both physically and mentally, the treatment will be successful.
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