Pull off sequins with style


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Pull off sequins with style

When worn tastefully, everyone's favorite New Year embellishment - sequins - look irresistible.

But if you don't get your look right, you could end up looking like a disco ball! Follow these guidelines if you want to be admired for your glittering style mantra...

Shiny, jazzy and eye-catching - sequins is one sartorial bling trend that is here to stay. Be it day or night, sequins can be luxe, as they shimmer on cocktail dresses and gowns or make for a bold style statement when worn as embellishments for tops, skirts or blazers. And if you are not the kind to go the whole hog, but still want to experiment, you can sport it in accessories like shoes and bags!

But wearing sequins can be tricky. Says designer Pria Kataaria Puri, "Sequins on an outfit or accessory is the ultimate bling, but this style needs to be paired with caution, to avoid overkill. I find that small sequins work over giant sequins as they look a lot classier. Also, remember to wear one sequined item at a time."

Whether you are heading to a glamorous party or feel like dressing up for a casual day out, adding shimmer to your personality makes for an instant glitzy makeover. Since sequins are such bold pieces, always remember to go minimal on your accessories and makeup, if you want to make a stylish impact.

The classic sequined dress
Sequined dresses and gowns are traditionally worn as evening wear, but you can create a day-appropriate outfit if you pair it with minimum accessories. Opt for colors like black, gold, white and silver as they are classic for sequin dresses, especially if you want to avoid looking like a Christmas tree. Keep your eye and lip make-up minimal, as you don't want to take the focus away from your dress. You can further team your outfit with a single neckpiece and thin silver or metal bangles in one hand.

Complete your look with small Swarovski earrings and a classy box clutch. Whether you are wearing a dress or a floor-length gown, an important tip to keep in mind is to use tone-on-tone sequins, i.e. black on a black base, white on a white base, etc. If it is a completely sequined fabric, a non-voluminous, classy silhouette will make a lot of difference in toning it down.

Embellished blazers/TOPs
If you are not too sure of wearing sequins in your dress or gown, you can still bling it up by throwing on a sequin-encrusted jacket over your jeans and T-shirt combo. A sequined boyfriend jacket over denim shorts and a sheer top can make for a chic party look. Pria suggests, "A short sequined jacket over a chiffon top with white or blue jeans and a pair of sequined pumps can look very stylish." Apart from blazers, another option is wearing a sequined top for a casual day. This can be paired with skinny or fitted jeans or trousers. Just keep the color of the pants neutral or mid-tone, depending on the color of the top. Carry a duffle bag or a tote bag that complements.

Wearing sequins in the day
While this trend is mainly associated with crazy night outings or high-profile red carpet functions, you can always take up the challenge to dig deeper and wear sequins for a brunch party if you pay attention to minute detail. It takes a certain amount of confidence to wear sequins during the day, but you can nail the look by choosing a barely-there color, such as nude or blush. Try using matte sequins instead of glossy ones. Ritu Jani, head designer, says, "If you are looking for incorporating sequins in your day outfit or as accessories, you can do so, but mildly. For clothing, apart from nude shades, transparent rainbow sequins available in various colors on portions of chest prints are unique. Don't accessorize a lot when it comes to jewellery since your outfit already has the bling
element. As for embellishing in accessories, use sequins in straps of your flat footwear. Add a simple chain, diamond studs for the ears and a statement ring, and you are good to go.

Accessories with sequins
Not ready for sequined clothing yet? If you think a shimmering dress isn't your style, there is no reason why you still can't incorporate this trend in your wardrobe in subtle ways. You can always sport sequined shoes and bags, that are fast becoming a rage. Some of these bags are crocheted and have pretty dangling sequins that come in bright hues like blue, orange, red, green, gold, etc. Sequined sling purses are also very in.

When it comes to shoes, designer Archana Kochhar advises, "If you are buying sequined shoes for the evening, the safest colors would be black, gold, bronze and silver as they go well with any supplementary colors and don't look out of place." If you want to appear truly color co-ordinated and trendy, you can jazz up a simple dress with a sequined bag or silver sequined heels. Team your outfit well with these glittering accessories and add a little sparkle to your personality

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