Quickly Succeed With 10 Real Life Diet Tips


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
If you always follow the 10 real life diet tips, then quickly succeed.

1. You have nothing to do except to go to eat? Invent something to do besides walking to the refrigerator.

2. Do not think all the time about losing weight. Do not make a slave of his stomach.

3. Eat all you want. More than this В should not be.

4. Syndrome "tomorrow" Lose weight you will start tomorrow, but today. And eat plenty of, well, who would doubt, especially at nightfall. Only here tomorrow calories will not go away.

5. If so want something to eat, let it not be tempting buns. You can successfully chew fruits and vegetables. They are also tasty, and also very useful.

6. No need to hate yourself. After the attack “gluttony” begins clarification of relations with a conscience and a mirror. It is better to find yourself in something beautiful, what you like about myself.

7. Look at the world through different eyes. There are many fine, incidentally. Admit it, the last time all your thoughts are reduced to the question: “eat or not eat?” Forget about it and go to admire the beautiful.

8. Not starve! From the fact that the stomach is suffering, it is possible to give in and eat everything that is in the house. And it is clearly unnecessary. The feeling of hunger does not mean that you need urgently to eat candy or roasted meat. There products are more useful that figure does not hurt.

9. Do not torment others. They probably already hate the question: "Tell me I'm fat, yes?" In the end, from useless questions no one has ever lost weight.

10. And if you decide to lose weight, start now. You will succeed.

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