Quit Smoking With Yoga


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Quit Smoking With Yoga

Would you want to give up smoking without much hassle? The first step however is that one should sincerely develop the eagerness to get out of this habit, having in mind the importance of living a healthy life. The benefits of giving up smoking happens as soon as in 20 minutes from the time one has puffed his last cigar. It is said that one's blood pressure and heart rate returns closer to normalcy. However a steadfast resolve to keep away from ciggies is what will return the bounty of blossoming health. Yoga is the ideal way to force out the habit of smoking.

Yoga's aid to quit smoking

  • Yoga provides the necessary confidence that forms the base for the will which is required to quit smoking cigarettes.

  • It works wonders on the lungs that are smoked by regular puffs and increases the lung capacity.

  • When one starts doing Yoga, one's attention is directed towards one's body. In due course what seemed as an effort to do the Yoga asanas, becomes a natural way of life. One then becomes conscious of his health with regular Yoga practices.

  • Emotional and psychological problems get one to start smoking. Yoga de-stresses one and has a direct impact on one's mind gradually bringing about a stability in emotions.

  • The habit of smoking takes birth in one's thoughts which then result in the action of smoking. Yoga gradually with regular practice creates an awareness where in one keeps check of his thoughts. This way it helps one turn inwards and be aware of the desire to smoke once when it pops up. Hence a spontaneous attempt for the hand to reach for the cigar is checked. This consciousness also helps in getting to know the root cause for one to smoke.

  • Yoga and Pranayama are very effective in handling the withdrawal symptoms owing to nicotine addiction.

  • Last but not the least Yoga helps one to quit smoking without weight gain

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