Rambutan and its health benefits


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Rambutan and its health benefits

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[TD] Rambutaniswidelygrownin westernparts of Malaysia,Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. The fruit gets its name from its appearance, which is has hairy spikes emanating from the skin. Many people also know this fruit as hairy lychee. Today, the fruit is grown widely in Hawaii, Australia, the Caribbean Islands and central parts of America. It is rich in Vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, and potassium.


It is also a source of fiber, protein and calcium. If you want to grow rambutan in your garden, read on for precious tips that will go a long way in helping you.
Rambutan is not as easy to grow as lychee, but it can be grown. It requires a humid and warm climate along with organic-rich soil that is sandy and drains well. This is a tropical fruit and therefore, requires tropical-like climate to grow. It requires an area where there is no wind, but has a lot of sunlight.
Select the variety of rambutan you want to grow. You have the option of growing the standard variety with its reddish-yellow skin, or you can go for a hybrid variety that bears fruit with thin skin and a more delicate taste. You can grow the tree from a seed, but remember that you should plant the seed at once after you remove it from the pulp.

How Many Calories Are Thier In A Rambutan ?

Many people will not know what a rambutan is. It is a fruit that looks very similar to the lychee. It is a small fruit, which has characteristic spikes on its pink colored skin. These spikes are not hard, but soft to touch. You can even get rambutans that are yellow or orange in color. The fruit is used very often in Asian cooking and has a flavor that is quite similar to grapes. If you have never eaten this fruit before, you may wonder how many calories are there in a rambutan and whether it is healthy for you to consume it

Health Benefits Of Rambutan

The exotic fruit rambutan has high content of sugar, but it still does not have high calories. Each fruit has around 60 calories. However, the fruit is also full of Vitamin C, iron, Vitamin A and potassium. In addition, it contains some amount of magnesium, zinc, calcium, fiber, niacin and protein. So, there are several health benefits of rambutan and you cannot go wrong if you eat this fruit regularly, or at least when it is in season


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