Reasons Behind A Crying Baby!!!


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Sep 3, 2012

When you see a baby crying, you either get frustrated or try your best to stop him or her. But, what happens to a mother can not be described. As the baby cannot speak and explain the health problem, the mother gets confused and scared. The mother tries a lot to find out the reasons behind her baby's crying.

There can be various reasons to know why your baby is crying. Get out of the myths and old wives tales. Think practical and see if these reasons are making your baby cry or not.

6 reasons baby cry and ways to soothe them:

Hungry: Most of the babies and even toddlers cry when they are hungry. As they cannot speak or pick up food from the kitchen, they cry and signal their moms. If your baby is crying, try to feed him/her. If they calm down then understand that the reason behind crying was hunger.

Hold me: When the baby grows older, you have to hold him or her in your lap and soothe them. Sometimes, a baby needs to be held in the arms of the parent. This happens when he/she gets scared. If your baby is growing up and understands when you are leaving the house, he/she will cry more so that you take him/her along.

Stomach ache: Many babies cry when their stomachs ache. The pain can be due to gas or hunger. If you have not breastfed your baby, then do it immediately. Soothe the crying baby by giving some gentle back massage. If your baby is prone to gastric problems, consult a doctor and get a medication. Otherwise, gripe water is commonly used by moms to soothe stomach pain of their babies.

Change my nappy: Sometimes you forget to change the nappy pad of the baby. This can lead to rashes or their bump can even become itchy. This irritation can make the baby cry. There are few babies who cry after passing out stool. They either feel frustrated or hungry.

Sign of teething: Crying is considered as a sign of teething in babies. This is because the jaws and gums pain and when the teeth breaks out, the baby cries. It is one common reason that help know why the baby is crying.

Frustrated: If the baby is sleepy or is awakened in the midst of deep sleep, he/she gets frustrated. Try to show something new to divert the mind. Play with some noisy toys to soothe a crying baby.

These are few reasons to know why a baby is crying and the ways to soothe them.
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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Gkarti, you have beautifully categorized and classified the reasons for a baby's crying nature. this will definitely will help the young mothers to analyse and solve the problem. thanks


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Dec 2, 2011

Good info. Karthi....

Enna......manasaluvula ready aitu irukiya.......

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