Recurrent Pregnancy loss,PCOS, one Ectopic Pregnancy

Jun 10, 2015
Dear Friends

I need help from u people. I joined this site so that i will get some help. I finished 3 years of my married life but still I am suffering to get baby I spent too much of money but still no improvement.

Please friends I will tell my story kindly suggest me what i have to do. I have PCOS Irregular Periods but as i am taking metformin for 2 years now my periods is regular. Before I was over weight i waas 83 kgs but now i reduced my weight now i am 61kgs. When I was 83 i got Chemical Pregnancy and aborted so doctor told to reduce my weight. Then i reduced to 73kgs then doctor checked all my hormone FSH,LH,Prolactin, Thyroid,AMH all are normal so doctor gave me clomid but unfortunately baby formed in tube and it ruptured and lost my right tube. After operation my weight was 68kgs then again she took blood test why i am miscarrying through antiphospholipid test and toxoplasma test all tests are normal. My husband sperm count is good and I had some infections doctor cured me. Then again we tried but again I had bleeding and got aborted in 30days. Then doctor asked me to do HSG checked sugar level all are normal. Then as i am bleeding she gave duphaston from 16th day for 10 days and baby aspirin with this I took egg tablet femera from 2nd day to 5th day again we tried but again this month I got bleeding but as i took egg tablet i checked in urine pregnancy positive so i went to doctor she checked my HCG level it was 958 again she checked HCG level afer 48 hours it decreased so she told i am aborted.

I am very much worried why i am getting bleeding what i have to do to get baby please help me friends please...


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