Red Sandalwood Powder - Uses and Benefits


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Jul 5, 2011
Red Sandalwood Powder, also known as Rakta Chandana Powder/ Pterocarpus santalinus is a variety of sandalwood powder. It is dark maroon in color and doesn’t have any fragrance to it. It is different from sandalwood powder.

  • It is an antiseptic, wound healing agent.
  • It is an age old effective remedy to fight acne, skin rashes, sunburn, blemishes and premature aging.
  • It works equally well for skin and health care. I personally love it for its versatility. I try to include it with every homemade face mask due to its antiseptic properties.
Here are some ways to use Red Sandalwood powder -

  • Use sandalwood powder and green tea mask to get rid of wrinkles and sun induced aging. Take 1 Table spoon of powder and enough green tea water to make a paste. It tightens the pores and the natural anti-oxidants help improve the signs of ageing. You may also add some unsweetened chocolate powder to make this mask smell delish!

  • Want to make a zit disappear overnight? Take enough red sandalwood powder, same quantity of cinnamon powder (dalchini) and make a paste with lemon juice. Watch that zit fly away.

  • Fake that glow by using this mask – 2 teaspoon of sandalwood powder , ½ teaspoon honey , 2 drops of almond oil and bit of glycerin . Keep it on for 15 minutes. Shine your way to glory! For oily skin, you may swap almond oil with jojoba oil and even add juice of quarter lemon.

  • Get rid of scars and pigmentation by using a paste of dried lemon peel powder, sandalwood powder, pinch of turmeric, curd and lemon juice. Excellent for removing tan too.

  • Make a paste of red sandalwood powder and rose water. Work well to calm down skin rashes and angry ripe pimples. Works well with cystic acne too.

  • I love to massage my skin with Aloe Vera gel mixed with sandalwood powder and bit of lavender oil to calm my senses and relax after a long hard day.
Medicinal Value of Red Sandalwood Powder -

  • Its been extensively used in Ayurveda to treat fever , digestive problem , treating high blood pressure and lowering the Sugar level of diabetic patients.
You can get Red Sandalwood powder easily from any neighborhood Ayurvedic shop or you can always get it online.

- Palak Khantal

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