Regimes Leading to Health Risks!!


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Sep 3, 2012
Hi Friends!

Good Evening! Its Me again :)

Today if we move around and look, we can find out that the facts causing health risks are infinite; hence counting the factors that do not possess any harm will be practical. Lot of Perception programs are carried out but not all found fruitful results.

I suggest that we’d start from our regimen activities before we get really into the wide world of health risks. Here in this thread I have listed a few day to day activities that can be a Peril to our lives gradually.

1. The vegetables we get to buy these days are made using highly reactive chemicals and fertilizers, hence thorough washing is not enough to get away from the toxins in contains. I agree that we can't be cent percent safe but at least to a certain extent by immersing the vegetables in salt water for half an hour before cooking can wash out some toxins from the vegetables.

2. Never reuse the cooking oil as it can turn out to be highly poisonous. Coconut oil is considered to be the healthiest oil and is the best when used directly rather than heating or boiling it. Dishes do taste good even if we pour a little oil on top of it once cooked. Also avoid too much of oily and fast food.

3. Canned food, processed meat etc contains preservatives that can harm our body, hence be very carefully before having them. Take a little time and cook your food rather than depending up on readymade and ready to use foods.

4. The improper dumping of waste materials around our compound also causes serious health hazards to us. Reuse it, burn it or dump it away in a non-residential area to be on the safer side. The fumes and pollution caused when burning can also affect our health.

5. Mobile phones, which we all use daily has both advantages and disadvantages. Now, as it has become an inseparable part of our life, we can't think of eliminating it completely but at least we can take certain measures to be away from its radiation than getting hold by deadly diseases.

Think about it and I am sure you can come across many more health hazards we face daily. Share it and create awareness among our members! Cheers!!

Thanks & Regards,
Karthiga Guru.


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Dec 2, 2011
Very useful thread karthi.

All are true. Lemme also try to share, whichever strikes me

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