Remedies For Heat Strokes


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
- Eat more and more fresh fruits and vegetables as they have high water content.

- The intake of excess salty food should be reduced .It is found that excess salts disturbs in the functioning of normal sweat production, and this may increase the chance of heat stroke.

- Drink lots of water or juice if you see that your urine color is becoming dark yellow. This will help you in replacing fluids which might be lost during sweating process, which is always quite profuse in the summer season.

- If you have a cooler or an air-conditioner at home, then use them during the hot summer season. Moisten your body with water at least twice in a day in the summer, even though you do not have a whole bath.

- Avoid exposure to the mid-day and afternoon sun in the summer season. The rays of the sun between these periods are the most excruciating. Try and restrict your outdoor activities in the mornings (before noon) and in the evenings when the sun has begun to go down.

- If you cannot avoid working in the sun, then you must at least make use of an umbrella or hat which will save you from intense heat.

- Dehydration is one of the commonest problems during the intense summer months. This can aggravate the heat strokes. Therefore, in the hot summers, you must drink more water and that too, more frequently. You must also keep your body supplemented with the necessary vitamins that are obtained from fresh fruit juices.

- Avoid alcohol in the summer months. Alcohol increases the heat in the body. This can aggravate the condition of sunburn and heat stroke.

- Avoid artificial salt tablets as far as possible.

- Do not wear tight fitting clothes. Let your skin breathe. Always wear loose cotton clothes as they absorb sweat and do not make you feel tired. Especially in the summer months, you must stick only to natural cotton fibers.

- Whenever possible take a bath or shower with cold water.

- Avoid all substances that contain caffeine, like coffee. They cause you to urinate more rather than sweat. This flushes out more fluids from the body, thus making the chances of a heat stroke more prominent

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