Remedies To Correct the Shape Of Baby's Head!!


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Sep 3, 2012
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For those who have a normal baby, the headline might seem like an absurd question. But it is not. You baby's head can sometimes cause you a fair amount of concern. We all have heads that are shaped differently. Some of us have an oval head, others have round head and some people even have a square shaped head.

But some babies have heads that are deformed. There are several reasons for a baby to have an ill-formed head.

[SUB]Forceps Delivery: [/SUB][SUB]In this type of delivery becomes necessary when the baby gets stuck in the vaginal tract. The baby's head is held with forceps and pulled out. This gives the baby's head an elongated look. The head might also have tapering marks at the points where the forceps are used.

[SUB]Pressure In The Birth Canal: [/SUB][SUB]If the baby gets a little roughed up in the birth canal then the head can get a flattened shape. This usually happens when you have had a long and difficult labour. The repeated thrusts to come out messes up the shape of your baby's head.

[SUB]Manhandling: [/SUB][SUB]Your baby is as soft as a ball of cotton. Any kind of rough handling can change the shape of your baby's head.

[SUB]So if your baby has endured any of the above mentioned situations, you can use these home remedies to correct the shape of your baby's head.

[SUB]The Mustard Pillow: [/SUB][SUB]The oldest way to correct head shape of babies is to lay them on a pillow made of mustard seeds. This is soft but applies pressure at the right spots. This is one of the best home remedies to correct this minor deformity in your baby.

[SUB]Change Sleeping Position: [/SUB][SUB]If your baby lies on the same side through the night, the head might get flattened on one side. To prevent this, keep changing your baby's position from one side to another even while he or she is asleep.

[SUB]Stop Your Baby From Looking In One Direction All The Time: [/SUB][SUB]When the shape of the head is uneven, your baby will try to look at one direction all time. You have to distract the child with tows, sounds or baby talk and make sure that your baby looks around in all directions.

[SUB]These are some simple home remedies that you can try to ensure that your baby's head has a normal shape. [/SUB]

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