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Feb 24, 2015
I am newly married. got married before 3 month. mine is fully arranged marriage and my husband is distant relative of my dad. i am quite reserved type i dont know how to mingle with member in my inlaws family.

they are asking me to talk with them and move with them socially. but i cant move with them like that. i cant express my feelings since i have fear that they will misunderstood like that.


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Oct 22, 2012
Hi Vaishusree,
Welcome to penmai...Wish you a happy married life....

From what you say your inlaws are eager to know you and also may be wanting to ease you into their family fold... They may be trying to make you comfortable to be amongst them and the rest of the extended family...

You will have to start with your husband... First express it in a nice way that you are normally a shy person who speaks less or takes a while to mingle with people... But you would like to know more about your inlaws and family but in your own sweet time...

You can start with a younger relative like a sister/ cousin of you husband... Will have more things in common to chat too...

Always it is difficult to initiate any conversation esp with elders etc... So if and when they themselves are including you in their talks please do say something pertaining to the topic... Silence can lead to few issues too... It can be seen as arrogance or on the contrary they can sideline you and your views by assuming that you always remain quiet anyways...

This is your family and these are the people you are gonna be spending the rest of your life and as a DIL you are a very valuable and very important member... Break through your silence and enjoy your family's company... Best wishes......

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