Resist that midnight snack attack


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Resist that midnight snack attack

It's past 12 at night, you're either watching television or working on some presentation.

All of a sudden, you realise that your stomach is growling and you feel a strong urge to eat something (even though you already had dinner few hours ago!). You march straight into your kitchen and start raiding your refrigerator for anything you can find, whether its the remaining pasta or pizza that you had for dinner or some leftover chocolate cake that's sitting in your refrigerator for the last 24 hours.

In other words, you plan to demolish anything in sight! You carry your edible booty back to your couch or the bed and start chomping to glory. And this little midnight snacking ritual of your's that started as an occasional, one-in-a-blue-moon stint, has lately become a regular habit. Next thing you know, you've put on extra weight and still feel confused as to what did you do wrong. The answer is straight in your face but you are unable to see and understand how. Read on to find out why...

You'll put on weight
Gorging on food under the garb of having a midnight snack is unhealthy. That's because whatever you're pigging out on, and the subsequent calories that you consume along, does not get burnt out, simply because you are not immediately indulging in any physical activity besides sleeping. This will make you pack the pounds even before you realise it.

It's bad for dental health
Yes, its true that midnight snacking is harmful for dental health. And this should not come as a surprise to you simply because, you never tend to brush your teeth after your midnight fiesta, especially if you eat sweets and desserts. Not only will you develop halitosis or bad breath, you might also end up with cavities with the passage of time.

It's bad for digestion
Eating yummy but highly fattening food especially at midnight can take a toll on your digestive system, too. Did you know that the human stomach takes about an hour and a half to digest an apple? Now think about the sandwiches, cookies, chips, that you feast on. Though, midnight snacking seems comforting to your palate, it takes a toll on your digestive system.

However, if you feel you must have your midnight snack, remember these things:

- Instead of pigging out on junk food and heavy meals, eat fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are your best option for midnight snacks. They will satisfy your sweet cravings and are packed with vitamins and minerals too.

- Eat five small meals throughout the day at regular intervals, instead of the usual three large meals to prevent getting hunger pangs at mid-night.

- Do not make it a habit to sleep late at night. When you are awake at night, there are more chances to feel the urge to eat to curb boredom or to eat in order to stay awake.

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