Resolving Marital Conflicts


Guru's of Penmai
Feb 5, 2011
Do not let the sun go down on your anger is probably one of the best marriage tips you can receive regarding marital conflicts. And that’s just the first step. So, how do you completely resolve a conflict with your spouse? Here are 2 other marriage tips that may help you:
Accept the views of your spouse
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that your spouse has his or her own viewpoint since as a couple, you would expect that you think alike. This is hardly possible. While you may agree on things most of the time, there are instances that you need to acknowledge that your spouse is his or her own person. The good thing about this is that it will not only help in resolving marital conflicts, it could also keep any conflict from taking root.
Learn to compromise
The best solution to a marital conflict is to compromise. Compromising creates a win-win situation for both parties. In a conflict, each partner must know how to give in even a little, meaning, sacrifice their ego to reach a resolution. Resolving marital conflicts with a right and wrong perspective (I’m right, you’re wrong) may work for a while but it will only lead to resentment.
Marriages are not without conflicts. That’s what living together under the same roof for some time would do to you as a married couple. But when there’s conflict, resolutions should not be far behind.


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