Rest now, gym later


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Rest now, gym later

Discipline and consistency are crucial for an effective fitness regimen. However, blindly going by the book and not listening to your body can render your efforts useless. Sometimes, it is also healthy to skip your workout. And no, we aren't talking about times when you give in to temptation and talk yourself out of workouts.

Cold vibes
It is best to give your gym a miss when battling a cold. This is the time when your immunity is low and you are left vulnerable to the variety of germs that lurk around your gym. As a result, you may take longer to recover, or worse, fall prey to new infections. Also, because you are not in the pink of health, there are high chances that you may pass on the germs to others in the gym's AC controlled environment. So, for your sake and the sake of others, stay at home.

When you don't get enough sleep, your focus goes for a toss which means you cannot concentrate on the exercise at hand. This increases the risk of perfoming exercises in an incorrect fashion and may lead to an ineffective workout, or even worse, an injury. The workout that's meant to refresh you will only leave you agitated. When you find yourself yawning excessively after insufficient sleep, it means the brain is low on oxygen supply. So get the hint. Instead of pumping iron, use that time to make up for the lack of sleep.

Working out
For many, the gym acts as a compensation for their otherwise sedentary lifestyles. However, if you have got your workout elsewhere, it is okay to skip the gym. For instance, if your domestic help hasn't turned up and you have spent your morning, spinning around the house swabbing and mopping, there's no reason why you must also hit the gym in the evening. Similarly, you may skip the gym if you have spent your last night dancing at your office party. The point is to make note of the exertion that your body experiences through the day and take a decision accordingly.

Feeling hungry? If yes, it might be a better idea to hit the kitchen rather than the gym. Or else, you will be low on energy and hamper your workout. If you plan to lift heavy weights, you must have carbohydrates 15 minutes before your workout. If it is cardio that we are talking about, you must have something to eat about an hour before your workout. If your last snack was more than three hours ago, eat something first, wait for an hour and then head for a workout. If you workout early morning, do NOT do it on an empty stomach. Remember, the last meal you had was last night which is definitely not enough to provide adequate energy for the morning workout.

Feeling sore
A common myth doing the rounds among fitness lovers is that they will lose muscle mass if they rest. However, that's not the case. Muscle mass is made during the 'rest' period. If you feel soreness after getting up in the morning, it's your body asking for rest. Working out in spite of that means you will only be able to utilise 50 to 70 per cent of your total body capacity and be more susceptible to injuries and incorrect posture.

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