Returning to work after Miscarriage


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May 21, 2011
ot all pregnancies lead to miscarriages if one is cautious. A miscarriage can often affect the couple psychologically apart from physical anxiety. Therefore, a working woman should consult her partner as well as the doctor as to when she should return to work after a miscarriage. Below mentioned are a few points that can help you streamline your thoughts and act on it together.

  • Every woman post a miscarriage should reflect on the factors that caused it. A proper retrospection can often lead you to the reasons which cause this. However be careful as there bound to be some negligence that can lead to the abortion of the foetus while it is inside the womb. This retrospection becomes difficult for women who are inclined towards building their career. Some might worry excessively about the loss of time and finance apart from considering the physical setbacks. This is not a healthy symptom and a woman needs to take it slow before she gets to decide the date of joining.
  • Once a woman has a miscarriage, it increases her chances of another miscarriage again. Proper rest and care under medical observation should be the priority for at least two to three weeks before joining work. However, this resting period varies from women to women as there is no one-size-fits approach as the body type differs from one individual to the other. Some women show faster signs of recovery while the rest take a couple of weeks.
  • A woman who ahs just had a miscarriage should not prioritise her expectations related to the career. If it becomes totally unavoidable, then she should take frequent leaves so that there isn’t any additional pressure put by you on your body both pyshologically and physically. Apart from that, most organisations have antenatal laws which allow working women to take paid leaves during their time of recovery.
  • Immediate joining of work is not advisable as the woman becomes twice more prone to stress than normal women post the miscarriage.
  • If necessary, organise a brief meeting with your immediate seniors and tell them about your loss. The working conditions and the time offs can be made flexible accordingly.
  • A woman post her miscarriage should resume her work gradually. She can work from home and then slowly resume her work after two to three weeks.
  • The most common mistake women make is that they consider themselves as fit to return to work as they do not have the baby bump with them anymore. This is the reason why women experience recurrent miscarriages.


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