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May 24, 2010
A nail polish remover is an organic Solvent that is used to remove previously applied nail polish from nails. There are many different types of nail polish removers in the market and different brands may have different chemical compositions. The principle ingredients in most, however, are acetone, ethyl acetate or Butyl acetate and alcohol.

These chemicals are known to dehydrate the skin, cause irritation to eyes and make nails dry and brittle. They also have a distinct chemical smell and are highly flammable. To counter the dehydration and brittleness effects, many removers also contain conditioning ingredients like castor oil, cetyl palmitate or lanolin.

Some removers may have an acetone-free label. This indicates an absence of acetone, but does not necessarily amount to a product without side effects, so screen the ingredients list carefully. Instead of acetone, the nail polish remover may contain the more toxic methanol. Consumers wishing for safer and less-toxic types of nail polish removers can opt for water-based products.

Nail polish remover is also available as individual felt pads saturated with remover, in foam and remover containers and in bottled liquid form. The saturated pads are pressed on to the nail to remove the polish. A foam and removal container has a hole through which fingers are dipped into the foam inside to remove the polish.
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