Rewards in August 2016


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Dear friends,

Here is our members list, who are all going to get rewarded for their reputation level in August Month.

Minister's of Penmai: @Vimalthegreat

Here's the gift for you,

Yuva's of Penmai: @girija chandru

Here's the gift for you,

Ruler's of Penmai: Bhuvana @ahilanlaks

Here's the gift for you,

Please note, there may be some delay in dispatching the Gifts, since there was delay in receiving the members address fully. If you didn't receive the gifts in previous month, you will receive in next month.

Please email your Indian Postal Address with Phone no. to or private message to Penmai Support Team. Once you received the gift please confirm the same. If you need any replacement of books or eBooks also please do let us know.

Note: If you are not willing to receive gifts, we use the amount for charity purpose, through Penmai Charitable Trust. So please let us know through Private message.

girija chandru

Penman of Penmai
thank you very much, dear friends... I am showered with gifts, i should say.....

1) on 27th august, I got best teacher award in sree narayana guru college, coimbatore.
2) very recently, I was informed that penmai super star - for best participant.
3) now, gift for yuvas of penmai...

I am thrilled beyond words... all these only motivate me to contribute more and more in our penmai.


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​Congrats [MENTION=1665]Vimalthegreat[/MENTION] , [MENTION=15784]girija chandru[/MENTION] and [MENTION=171984]ahilanlaks[/MENTION] . Keep rocking

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