Rice, rice way to take it


Commander's of Penmai
Jul 9, 2015
Rice is one of the most important food in our diet.There are ways to make it healthy Raw rice is good for health.When you take it add some ghee to reduce the heat caused in the body when you consume it.

Take raw rice porridge gives strength,easily digestible and removes liver disorders.
When you take raw rice porridge with milk and sugar it sharpens your mind.
Taking boiled rice porridge is good for everyone,young and old and it controls vata.
Never take rice which is over cooked,it causes back problem and lack of hunger.becaz If it is over cooked it loses all its vital nutrients anything which is overcooked does.Strengthening elements are lost.

Take rice which is not very very hot it gives strength and removes all vata ,pitta and kabha.
Taking cold rice causes arthritis.
Milk with rice gives strength to eyes and removes thirst.

Left over rice with curds gives immunity and gives good sleep.
Rice with moong dhal removes liver disorders.But increases gas.Add jeera,pepper ,ginger to reduce it.
Pepper rice removes gas,pitta,kabha,and lack of hunger

If you reduce rice to a small cup and consume it with lots of vegetables you will not put on weight.Rice should always be consumed with little ghee.
Enjoy your bowl of rice today.

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