Right way of washing hands


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Jul 5, 2011
Right way of washing hands

We carry germs from surfaces we touch to our faces where they can find easy entry into our bodies. That's why, washing hands is the best way to prevent a host of infections. Research has shown that handwashing can reduce diarrhoeal risk by 45% and respiratory ailments by 23%.

Here are tips from Dr Amit Chakrabortty, Global Head, Research on Hygiene and Water, Unilever, Bengaluru, on how to stay germ-free.

Use anti-bacterial/germ protection soaps. Studies by the WHO show that handwashing with plain soaps not only fails to remove germs but can also result in a paradoxical increase in the bacteria on skin.

Choose liquid soaps to wash hands. These are more convenient, and more hygienic because these are not exposed to touch by multiple users. However, if you follow the handwashing instructions, both bars and liquid soaps can offer the same protection.
Use hand sanitisers to clean on-the-go. These alcohol-based products reduce germs on your hands quickly. (However, they do not rid you of grime and dust.) Here's how to wash your hands well (do it for at least 20 seconds:

Wet hands, apply soap. Rub palms until soap is bubbly.

Rub each palm over the back of the other hand.

Rub nicely between your fingers on each hand.

Rub backs of fingers n Rub around each of your thumbs n Rub both palms with fingertips, then rinse and dry your hands

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