Romantic Tips for Proposing a Girl


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Jul 5, 2011
[h=3]Romantic Tips for Proposing a Girl[/h]
[h=3]You are in love with a girl and think its time to propose her, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and express her love and ask her to be with you as a life partner. In short, propose her and if you don’t know the ways to propose her, then have a look at the below-mentioned romantic tips for proposing a girl.[/h]

· The most popular way of proposing a girl since ages is by going down on the knees, though an old formula, it does melts the girl’s heart away.

· Another way of proposing a girl of your dreams is to take her for a candlelight dinner and order her favorite dish and arrange to play her favorite music and then express your love, she will find it hard to reject it.

· You can also succeed in getting that yes after a proposal by proposing her without saying anything but getting it written on the sky. This is a popular idea these days but only those who can afford it can go for sky writing for proposal.

· To make it cheap and lovely, prepare her favorite dish yourself at home and then surprise her and express your love with a red rose and a glass of wine with a ring in it.

· You may also try proposing her with a banner that says “I Love You” or “Will You Marry Me” and sticking it outside her home or office. Remember, not to use her name on the banner as this may offend her.

· Proposing on a beach has its own charm, go for it and choose the time of a sun set when the whole ambience will support you in getting her yes.
Oct 24, 2013
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Tips on How to Propose a Girl

Be Yourself

The first tip is to be yourself and never try to overdo anything. You can make it special and sweet even while keeping it simple. If you behave in your natural way, you will find that everything will get along smoothly and comfortably.

Know your Girl and Propose Accordingly

There are some girls who still want their beloved to propose her in that traditional way. If your girl is of that type you can bow down on your knees and tell those three golden words that she wants to hear from you, just to impress her.

Make Special Plans

Plan for a romantic dinner and make her feel special about her. Order her favourite dish and you can propose her either before dinner or during the time of dessert. You can play her favourite music as well.

You can take her to that place where you met her for the first time and recreate the same environment and scene. This will make her recall everything and when you will propose her, she will definitely get moved and will say yes to you immediately.

Create a Romantic Moment

Drive her to the beach and when the sun is just going to set, you can propose her. Girls like romantic moments and special occasions. You can play soft music while driving and make her feel that something special is going to happen with her that day.

Take her at a Favourite Spot

You can go to the spot where both of you wanted to go and the place both of you like very much. With the much loved environment around you, you can propose her.

Buy a Special Gift for Her

You can buy a charm bracelet or a ring and ask her ‘Will you marry me?’ while presenting it to her. Presenting a ring to her will help you convey your message with an ease. Go near her with a bunch of red roses or take her somewhere out and then propose her.

Proposing in a Unique Way

You can also talk to her parents and then in front of them, propose her. You can also propose her in your unique way and for this you should plan and prepare for the moment.

These tips will certainly help you propose her in a special and unique way and you will surely be able to win her heart. However, you should also be sure that the girl also loves you. So do not hurry in presenting your proposal, analyze your relationship and you will get indications from the girl you are dating. Now, go ahead and plan a date to propose her. Tell her what you have in your heart for her.


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