Roti or Bread for weight loss?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Roti or Bread for weight loss?

Roti is also known as Indian bread. But a bread and roti are wide apart in their composition. Now the question arises as to which one is the healthier? There are points in both support and opposition of each. We Indians, are more used to roti than bread. But let us get into a discussion that will apparently show whether roti is healthy or bread.

Calorie Count- Wonder what you should eat roti or bread in order to lose weight? You definitely have to choose the one with the least number of calories. One slice of bread has about 60 calories while one piece of roti has about 70-80 calories. Bread is healthier in this aspect. So, of you want to shed some pounds then switch to roti from bread.

Roughage- Bread loses most of its nutrients by the virtue of its preparation. While on the other hand a roti retains all of its roughage no matter what way it is prepared. Roti is healthy to consume. Roughage is very essential to maintain healthy bowel movements and you get that from a roti.

Grains- A roti is usually made from wheat flour. And sometimes it is also made out of jowar, ragi or bajra. But nowadays you get multi-grain breads. It means that you get the benefits of more than one cereal in a single bread and it is tasty too! But it is really difficult to achieve the same in a single piece of roti. Moreover it is going temper the taste too. Bread is healthier as you can attain the benefits of multiple nutrients in one slice.

Preparation- Roti is healthy till it is prepared in a healthy way. Many a times, unhealthy and fatty cooking oils are added to its preparation. Bread is healthier in this regard as no such things can be possibly added to its preparation. But at the same time many vegetables can also be added to the preparation of a roti thus making it more desirable for consumption.

A roti can be prepared easily at home and can be savoured fresh from the oven. But on the other hand, most of the times we buy bread from the market instead of preparing it at home. You can never guarantee the freshness and the hygiene of the product you are buying off the shelves.

Yeast- Bread has yeast as one of its ingredients. But many people are allergic to yeast. So, it is better to choose roti over bread for those who are allergic to yeast. Roti does not have any of it and hence, is perfectly safe to consume.
Positive and negative aspects of both roti and Bread are here before you. So, it is up to you to choose which one would be right for you, a roti or bread.

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