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Jul 5, 2011
Rauthiram Pazhagu -Anger management

It is wise to direct your anger towards problems -- not people; to focus your energies on answers -- not excuses.

William Arthur Ward

Anger is a momentary madness, so control your passion or it will control you.


Yesterday my man seen the online Tamil movie 'Routhiram' and I was curious and asked him the meaning of the word Routhiram. He told, find it out. so I started the this article.Anger is a feeling .or emotion or energy
that can result in fury or rage.

Routhiram is sanskrit tamil word The maha Kavi wrote in his""Puthiya Aathichudi". 'Routhiram Pazhagu*Anger is one of the worst emotions and everybody hates it.. Mahakavi asked us to practice or learn to be angry... That perplexed me a lot..
. every human emotion is a source of energy. We'll do extraordinary and unusual things whenever we are drenched in any of the emotions..So whenever we are happy, sad, angry, etc enormous amount of energy flows throw our body with
the help of adrenalin and make us to do wonders..

Whenever such things happen, do not let your energy drain into some petty things... Whenever someone insults you just keep it inside... Experience it, Feel it, and take right actions to win it.Turning a negative point/weakness to
100% positive point...

"everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry."

There are two types of Anger,Passive and Aggressive anger

The symptom of Passive Anger

Obsessive behavior
Psychological manipulation
Secretive behavior,

The symtoms of Aggressive anger

Manic behavior,
Unjust blaming,

Anger is never good, can always harm you more than it can harm others you could destroy a friendship or a relationship
that you built over the years in just a moment of anger.There are several ways of anger management and self control is
the only way in which one can control his or her anger

1. Breath Slowly

Learning to breath deeply can be welcome relief for a lot of anger, stress and fear issues. It's not that you have to breathe
deeply all of the time. Short deep breathing sessions once or twice a day can be a big help.
Once you are full of air, hold it for a second, and then slowly breath it all out.

2. Get out of the situation

You are angry, having an argument with another person, perhaps your husband, wife, partner, friend, or
colleague. one of you is getting angry, saying hurtful things, making the other one angry who then says hurtful things,
the situation soon spirals out of control. Common sense, diplomacy, care and love evaporate for that moment. Walking away
can be very helpful. It allows both parties to reflect and get into a state of mind where resolution can be found.
if you give it enough time, when you reunite the situation should be a lot easier to handle.

3. Avoid the trigger

This is one step ahead of "getting out of the situation". If you can figure out what triggers an angry episode for you,
then you can structure your life so as to avoid it.Being in a traffic jam when you are late for work might make you feel
angry.if you leave earlier it may not make you late for work anymore.

4. Change perspectives

A change in perspective could be to challenge our own beliefs and values. E.g. if someone randomly pushes me over
in the street then he must have some kind of mental or emotional problem. And he probably can't help it. In fact I should
feel sorry for him, as he has to live with that, and I merely have a bruise that will heal.Bit crazy? Think, you already
overcome your Anger.

5. Exercise

Aerobic Exercise, such as running, cycling, swimming and rowing causes your body to release chemicals known as endorphins, which give you a feeling of a high.the exercise can be a good "release" for the anger and a good escape
Exercise wont solve an anger issue but it can aid other methods of anger management by giving you a positive boost.

6. Take it out on the pillow

This one is simple. You feel angry. Get a pillow. Punch it. And Again. And Again. Harder! Harder!

Now you feel better. It gives you a chance to express it and get the feelings out of your system.

7. Smile

smiling can also be proactive. We can smile when there is nothing particular to smile about, just because it makes us feel good. And the good feeling reinforces the smile, in a lovely cycle. A smile can help you change
your mood, even if only for an instant, and can be useful when you are feeling perhaps slightly irritated. It's a way to nip it in the bud before you become angry.

8. Be flexible

looking into alternative ways of thinking. Reading books about Buddishm and Law Of Attraction orArthamulla Hindhumatham may help with this.
You can get some inspirtation and wisdom from these areas even if you don't adopt the entire doctrine.
Being flexible can also mean simple being more willing to go with the flow, saying yes, accepting the current situation and knowing it is enough to do your best.

9. Write it down

Writing things down can have a brilliant mental effect. Writing lists can help us remember. And writing your feelings about something can help you come to terms with those feelings.

It is a way to let out your anger without confronting the person or object you are angry at. And by doing so start the process of forgiving or coming to terms with the situation.

10. Love

Here "Love" refers to a common love for all people and things. A deep spirtual love, rather than a romantic attachment. Practice this "Love", a feeling of truly adoring and respecting the world around you, and you may
find angry feeling subsiding.

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