Safety for kids at home


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Jun 28, 2011
Home - It's where children grow and learn, the place where they find comfort, love and care. It's where they can see, touch, explore and experience the world around them, so their minds and bodies develop properly.

Preventing your kids from having accidents and injuries is a huge task.

Below are some of the tips through which you can avoid several emergency situations popping up when your kids are at home:

  • Appliance cords should not dangle from the counter-top. A curious child could pull on that cord and bring a heavy appliance onto his head or body.
  • Keep all sharp utensils, wastebaskets, and household cleaning products in a latched drawer or cabinet.
  • Keep the match or lighter away from the stove.
  • Keep the knives, scissors and other sharp edge cutlery away from the reach of kids.
  • Don't use tablecloths or placemats, your baby will pull them and what's on them down.
  • Don't put chairs or sofas near windows, especially if you are living in flats. We have read so many news about kids death falling from windows.
  • Dish washing detergent should only be poured immediately before you wash dishes. A swallow full of detergent is a hazardous and deadly snack.
  • Never leave standing water in the tub or sink. It takes very little water to create a drowning hazard.
  • Do not hang mirrors or picture frames above the crib; a child may reach them and knock them off.
  • Keep medicines away from your kids.

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