Safety on the field


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Safety on the field

The benefits of sports are many and undeniable but then, one can sustain injuries while practising a sport. Injuries can be serious and even fatal at times. So, just follow these basic rules to safeguard your child from these risks.

Get a check-up done:
Before your kid starts to play games, get a thorough check-up done. Make sure that your child does not suffer from any ailment like asthma or osteoporosis. And if he/she does, then it should be controlled and only then should they be sent to the field.

Sports gear:
Getting the right equipment is essential. It is important that you get proper sports kits and safety gears. Pads and shoes should be of the exact size. Regularly check the sports gear for any wear and tear, and if there is any, replace or mend it. If your child is a swimmer or plays a sport that exposes them to sunlight, then a sunblock or a sunscreen should be applied to protect them from sunburns.

Keep Them hydrated:
Sports make children susceptible to heatstrokes and dehydration. So, it is necessary that kids consume an adequate amount of water. They can also have energy drinks and juices.

The right place to play:
Check whether the place where your kids are going to play is appropriate for that sport or not. The field should be devoid of any potholes and should also be hygienic.

Check whether there is a coach to supervise the kids or not. Better still if the person knows a little about first aid and CPR.

Birds of feather:
Your kids should play with children in their own age group. This will help decrease accidents and also keep them safe from getting bullied by seniors.

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