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Jan 8, 2015
Saree blouse designs there are plenty to choose from. So you must choose an Indian saree blouse that will flatter your shape to the greatest extent. A saree is something that suits almost every woman no matter what her built. But the blouse like any other type of clothing has to fit your shape. You must use this fact to your advantage selecting saree blouse patterns that will suit you the best. All saree blouse designs don't suit women with different shapes. There different types of blouses for very skinny women and women in plus sizes. You must choose well to look your best.Here are some basic principles you must follow to get clothes for your body shape right.Saree Blouse Designs For Different Body Types:1. Skinny Built:
  • If you are on the lighter side of the figure chart then you have to be a little contemporary with your choice.
  • Indian women have always been generously endowed so very traditional designs are not for you.
  • Go for fashionable halter necks or in-cut sleeveless blouses with fluttering chiffon sarees.
  • You can also carry of high necked or collared blouses to a great effect.
  • If you are wearing ethnic silk sarees like Kanjivaram or Benarasi then you must go for puffed sleeve Indian saree blouses. The fluffiness of the sleeve will give some volume to your stringy arms.
2. Medium Or Athletic Built:
  • This is of course the most versatile shape to dress be it Indian or western so you need not worry much. You can try almost everything.
  • But if you are athletic then a short sleeved neat look will really set you off to advantage.
  • You can try saree blouse patterns with deep cut necks and backs without hesitation.
  • Yours is the perfect figure to try out innovative saree blouse designs without fear of goofing up.
  • Be careful not to wear suffocating blouses with no necklines because it will be a waste to hide the beautiful curves and lines of your body.
3. Heavy Built:
  • Being well rounded does not mean you are fat or obese. Some people are just born plump and here some chic Indian saree blouse designs for you.
  • You must avoid puff sleeves and sleeveless blouses if you have heavy arms because they will accentuate the flab on your arms.
  • Try to wear three fourth or full sleeved blouses because they are really in these days.
  • For ethnic wear like sarees with thick borders, you can settle for the common half sleeve blouse with the matching border lacing your arms.
  • You can be experimental with necks lines like try a boat neck blouse or a choli-type blouse.
  • Try to wear v-necks because you can make them as deep was you want without the fear of looking improper.
Use these simple fashion tips for women to select the best saree blouse designs for your figure.

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