Sending 'sexts' on Valentine's Day could be deadly dangerous, warn experts


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Sending 'sexts' on Valentine's Day could be deadly dangerous, warn experts

Experts have warned people against sending sexy or romantic photos to their lover via email, text and social media.

According to research by online security company McAfee, over a third of Australians plan to mark Valentine's Day with a 'sext'.

However bare-all beloveds are being warned against the practice, with one fifth of people surveyed saying they later regretted sending intimate content to their partners, the Herald Sun reports.

Over 50 per cent of Australians have used their smartphone to send personal or intimate text messages, emails or photos.

According to the report, Sean Duca of McAfee Asia Pacific said a seemingly secure relationship was no guarantee of privacy, particularly in the event of a breakup.

He pointed out that sharing personal and intimate information may seem like harmless fun to many Australians, but it is important for them to realise that once a private message or photo is out of their hands, they can''t control where it goes or who sees it.

He also warned that people need to rethink about sharing private information and passwords with their partners, because if the relationships ends, their information can end up in the wrong hands.

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