Seven Day Cabbage Soup Diet


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Jul 5, 2011
The Cabbage Soup Diet is simple and inexpensive to follow. Make the recipe for the soup, and the rest is easy that is, if you like cabbage! You will be able to enjoy eating as much of the soup as you’d like during the duration of this seven-day diet in order to stave off hunger pangs. Do not stay on the diet longer than seven days or you’ll risk losing essential vitamins and minerals, as well as metabolism-burning muscle.

The Plan

Day One

Eat the cabbage soup and as much fruit as you’d like all day long. The only fruit off-limits on day one is bananas. You may drink unsweetened tea, cranberry juice, and of course, water. The drink selection applies to all days of the diet.

Day Two

Day two is vegetable day. Eat all of the vegetables you like except for the starchy variety. This means corn and beans are off-limits. Fruits are also off-limits on the second day of the diet. You may eat one baked potato with butter for dinner. Supplement the vegetables with the cabbage soup. You should eat the cabbage soup every single day.

Day Three

On day three, eat the soup and all of the fruits and vegetables like, except for the starchy ones. Do not include a potato.

Day Four

Day four consists of eating bananas and drinking skim milk. Eat as many as eight bananas, and drink as much skim milk as you would like. Although the diet claims this is to help eliminate your desire for sweets, it could possibly eliminate your desire to ever eat another banana, as well!

Day Five

On day five, dieters can eat up to 20 ounces of beef. That’s the size of the largest steak in the steakhouse! You also have the option of eating up to six tomatoes. If you don’t like beef, feast on chicken instead, as long as it has been broiled or baked, and does not include the skin. Drink at least eight glasses of water.

Day Six

Eat as much beef as you like on day six. Eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you feel so inclined. You may also eat your fill of green vegetables. If you would rather not eat the beef, substitute broiled fish instead, but only this once! Be sure to eat your soup, as you have been every other day of the plan.

Day Seven

On day seven, in addition to your soup, eat as much brown rice, fruit juice and vegetables as you want. Stay away from starchy vegetables, and make sure no sugar has been added to the fruit juice other than the natural sugar already in it.

How Much Weight Loss?

If you follow this diet exactly as stated for seven days, you should see a weight loss of more than five pounds in this period of time. Many people report losing even more. Fitting in regular physical activity will aid in weight loss, but with the limited number of calories, some people don’t have enough energy for any vigorous exercise. While this can be a good jump start to a healthy eating plan that sets you on a good nutritional course for life, remember to consult with your physician before following such a restricted-calorie diet. Don’t forget: seven days is the maximum amount of time you should stick to it.

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