Severe Hair Fall Tips


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[h=3][/h]Take 25 Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves and Vepa (Neem) leaves put to dry with the help of sun heat. Make it as powder of these leaves and add sufficient water to it. Apply this mixture to hair as a pack, wait for one hour and take bath, so that the severe hair fall problem will be solved slowly.
Thank you so much dear shakthi... I will definitely follow this....

Already one of our friends had posted several tips.. out of which one will be really useful, i.e., neem in hot water in the night and apply the paste in the morning while bathing.

Thanks again.

girija chandru

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it is also possible to prepare an extract of tulsi leaves and apply fresh. wait for 10 minutes and wash.this will be very beneficial to prevent lies on hair, to give freshness to the hair and to strengthen the root of the hair.

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