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Aug 28, 2017
Hi) First of all I would like to share my story. Iwas looking for really good clinic for a long time, because had doubts evenwhen lady on reception was not enough kind, I tried to find clinic and doctorwho I will trust to, with normal attitude and acceptable prices, read tones ofreviews.[/FONT]
One day I found very niceweb-site and at the same day I found my clinic. Actuallysite was very helpful, I could find there lots of fertility clinics and gynecologists I guess in all countries, and I've chosen very quickly. Actually I'm really thankful for people who create such resources for women, who desperately need doctor's help but have no idea who could really help them.[/FONT]
Eventually I found clinic calledAveya Fertility to give me consultation, I was surprised at level ofpoliteness, was very satisfied with kind and knowledgeable doctor. And if youare looking for a great, attentive doctor, caring staff, then this place is foryou! I was given an individual treatment plan that was specific for me.Unfortunately the outcome was not good but after that I came up with anotherplan and now I'm waiting for my little happiness and I'll be happy to hold itin my hands almost in almost 3 weeks) The nurses are always sounderstanding and it such a comfort that you can email them with any concernsor questions and they will always reply quickly.
Will be glad to read your stories [/FONT]

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