Should I scold him or not?

Feb 9, 2015
Hi friends

I am living a happy life with dear hubby. He is very soft and lovely person. He is loving me so much and I am too. Really I am very lucky to have such a partner for me. But still I am thinking that I would ask/scold him for reasons for his stupid things. He is very very careless in handling things. He lost his money last month and this month he lost his costly mobile phone.

Very often he loss something like a kid who lost pencil, eraser in school. I thought if I ask him about the incident that would hurt him. So I didn’t snoop about the first incident. but this time I scolded him for being so careless. He didn’t even reply for me, he remained silent till I stop. But I felt guilty and asked him for sorry. He talked with me very well as nothing happened.

It is the first time I am opposing him in my 5 months of marriage life.
I am feeling very guilty about it. But I don’t have any choice right? If I keep silent always, he would repeat the same again and again. Please give me suggestions to change him without hurting him. How can I make him to value the things?


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Jun 25, 2014
hi soumiya this time its ok. but inimeal ippadi athikama thitta vendam. porumaiya adivice panni puriya vaikka parunga. neenga thittrathunala neenga solla vara point purinchukkama poidalam. so antha mathiri situations la, avarai konjam free ya vittudunga. avar express pannalanaalum avarukum manasuku kastama than irukum ippadi tholaichitomennu. so appa ethvum sollatheenga.

rendu perume konjam relax aanathukku piragu avarkitta ithai pathi pesunga. things ooda value pathi puriya vaiyunga. athe pola chumma athai pathiye kuthi katra mathiri ethuvum pesi vaikkatheenga. just oru time pesittu vidunga.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Sowmiya.

Oh...he is still little bit kiddish. Poor thing. he is not doing these deliberately.

So, please don't fight with him or scold him.

But please teach him the tactics to keep the things safe and secured.

Ask him to check the items which he is taking with him while going from home.

Then in each and every place, then and there also, he needs to check those important items like purse/wallet, coolers, mobile etc.

When he happens to stay anywhere for a while, say, in a hotel or in a friend's house or in any shop, ask him to check the important items before he leaves that place.

You can do this in the beginning whenever you go with him, by asking him whether he has those things safe and secured.

Initially, for a few days, you can ask about the security of these things to him, over phone.

But tell him before hand , at home itself, that you are going to enquire like this, just to make him practiced, and not to irritate him.

Then this will become a regular practice for him.

You can also tell him that if he happen to leave the Credit card anywhere in the place he needs to give them, he might loose lots and lots of money. So, he needs to be very cautious always. You can note down it's number at home for safety.

All the best.

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