Shy of viewing sexual content?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Shy of viewing sexual content

Do you tend to ensure if someone is looking at you before viewing anything with the term 'Sex' on it? Read on...

You look to your left and you look to your right (No, you are not on the road and following the general traffic guidelines). You rise up a bit from your chair and peek around to ensure everyone is busy with their own work at hand. Sure you know what I'm talking about - your attention has perhaps fancied some new story, or feature or even a picture showing direct sexual content and you are shy of having someone else catching you red-handed watching it, especially when you are at your workplace!

Interestingly, while some people are simply non-apologetic about viewing sexual content on the Internet, there are others who keep switching window tabs to avoid the incidence of people catching them watching even pictures or stories with sexual content. Says Rupa Das, 24, "While at home, it's the scare of getting caught by your family members reading sexual articles, at college it can lead to getting teased by your friends. So, yes, viewing sexual content can be quite embarrassing at times. Not that there is anything wrong in it but the points of view with which people treat others viewing sexual content is often very narrow. So, even if I want to read "how to remain safe in bed", there are always people around who will end up asking you, "Why are you so interested in it?" which feels weird."

So, did you check if someone's watching you before reading this story too?

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