Siddha treatment for fertility - My experience

Apr 26, 2012
Hi friends

Good news about Dr. Devika, Sakthi hospital, Saligramam, Chennai

I personally met Devika for my following problems, both tubes blocked, adhesions, endometriosis and my DH low motility and low morphology.

In March this year, done diagnostic laparoscopy, result was both tubes blocked with hydrosalpinx, pelvic adhesions, and endometriosis. myself and DH was totally down. My DH friend forced us to go to Dr. Devika, because my dh friend got success. for his sake we went to see her and bought medicines in April and then in May. She (Dr. devika) told at least one tube will be open at least within two months max 4 months and also told not to worry. She will give medicines for both even Husband's or wife's records are normal.

So we both took medicines for April and May, and in June she told me to do Saline HSG for checking block. Done saline HSG, you know the result is one tube is patent, ie opened. IT IS A MIRACLE.

She also told to check my DH semen, result is his motility went up from 10 to 40 and his morphology has also improved.

She also told those who are in TTC category, both wife and husband should avoid bitter gourd, red pumpkin, mosambi or saathukudi (sweet lime), orange, or Lemon till getting pregnant for husband and for wife till delivery.

Ladies, those who are having blocks (one tube or both tube) or any female or male issues, you all can consult her. but her medicines cost are high, but it is worth taking that.

note: those who are unable to personally meet her, but you want medicines. You can contact through phone and get details from them. They will send medicines through courier (within India or outside India)

moderators: this is not advertisement, this is my experience
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