side effects of copper t

Nov 26, 2013
friends pls tell me the side effect of using copper t. after my delivery of kid i.e before a year i am using, but nowadays i am having some severe bleeding. pls advice me, whether i can continue or remove it.


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Jul 26, 2012
[h=2]Side effects of copper T[/h]
This article gives you the information on side effects of using or wearing copper T. All these side effects are experienced and wade away with time. Exceptions are always there and so you should get this done with the help of an experienced medical professional. Read this article and know about the probabilities of side effects and how they can be treated.

Copper T is an effective contraceptive and is one of the most immensely used methods of birth control worldwide. The failure rate is considered only 1% and may be this is the reason why many women use this method to remain stress free.
Although this method is very effective and widely used, it comes with some side effects also. These side effects can be common as well as precise depending on the health of the woman as well. It is better to contact the doctor whether you and your body are in perfect condition for insertion of copper T.
[h=1]Side effects of Copper T[/h][h=1]Untimely Bleeding and Cramps[/h]Many women have bleeding between the menstrual cycle after the insertion of copper T. Many women report about cramps occurring, which is usually different from that experienced during menstruation. Sometimes the cramps are unbearable and the woman feels worse.​
The intramenstrual bleeding that occurs can subside after few months and is less than that experienced during periods. Simple pain killing medicines like ibuprofen can be taken when the cramps occur.
[h=1]Allergy[/h]It is only in rare conditions that any woman is allergic to copper T and that is also because of the covering of copper on the IUD device. Usually itching and rashes are seen when someone is allergic to it. The device should be immediately removed under these circumstances and a non-copper IUD can be used instead.
[h=1]Automatic Ejection[/h]Expulsion of copper T is not usually seen and is rare. When it is pushed out of the uterus, the woman can get pregnant. Even if this expulsion occurs it goes unnoticed. So yearly check up is must after the insertion of copper T.
[h=1]Cuts in the Uterus[/h]In some women, it was seen that the device perforated the uterus and emergency removal had to be done. This is very rare and one should not worry about that beforehand. If discomfort is experienced, you can contact your doctor and consult or go for check up.
[h=1]Chances of Miscarriage[/h]While using copper T when any woman gets pregnant, the chances of
miscarriage are very high. This happens because the egg gets fertilized elsewhere than the uterus wall resulting in lot of complications, which in turn outcomes in miscarriage. So, if pregnancy
is suspected, the woman should immediately consult her doctor and get the copper T removed.
[h=1]Dangers of Using Copper T[/h]
  • Uterus gets pricked and if the copper T is not removed immediately it can move to other parts of the body. In this case the only solution left is surgical removal of the device.
  • There can be infection in the tube and if not treated in time, it can be hazardous too.
  • If a woman gets pregnant during wearing copper T has the risks of pregnancy outside the uterus. This is very dangerous and full of complications as well. In most cases it results in miscarriage if the device is not removed quickly.
  • Women get pregnant while using copper T
  • because many devices are expelled from the uterus and they come out. The woman is unaware as it is unnoticeable.
  • Women should analyze whether they are allergic to copper T or not because this results in very serious problems.
  • Heavy bleeding during periods and clotting between the periods areexperienced for first few months. Some women continue with this problem for longer time also.It is better to get examined before and after wearing copper T and consult freely with your doctor regarding the queries.

Nov 26, 2013

woman who use the Copper T may experience following side effects commonly.
1. Heavy menstrual bleeding. Due to heavy menstrual bleeding anemia might 2. be possible.
3. Menstrual cramps
4. Changes in Menstrual Cycle
5. Nausea & Vomiting

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