Signs To Know Your Partner Doubt You!


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Signs To Know Your Partner Doubt You!

Trust is one of the basic factors for a healthy relationship. Once the trust is gone, you won't get it back, no matter how endless efforts you spend. If you lose trust in your partner, you keep doubting him/her every other thing. But, if you are the victim and your partner is doubting you, these are the common signs to know the truth.

Signs to know your partner is doubting on you:

Keeps a track:
Whenever you do something, your partner will try to keep a track of it. If you are going out without your partner, you will get constant calls or texts asking about the updates. In the initial stages, your partner will throw excuses for calling you constantly. When a partner is doubting on your trust, he/she will not even spare you when you go for work!

Restless: As mentioned in the previous point, the partner becomes restless. Doubt comes in when there is lack of trust or the presence of insecurity in a relationship. This is why, the urge to grab hold of you becomes prominent in every move of your partner.

Gives no space: When your partner doesn't give you personal space, it is time to know that your partner doubts you and your loyalty.

Isolates you: Your partner will try really hard to isolate you from your friends circle. This is more common when your friends are from the opposite gender.

These are few signs to know if your partner is doubting on you.

How to deal with a partner who doubts?

Clear them:
You have to discuss with your partner. Be calm while you confront your issues with him/her. Find out the reasons behind such an attitude. Give explanations and try to resolve them.

Be smart: When you know your partner doubts you, inform about the act beforehand. This will build trust and make your partner feel that you are not hiding anything.

Keep in mind: Doubts do not come up from anywhere. There are some reasons. It can be due to the past experience of your partner or due to a mistake that broke the trust in your relationship. Track the reasons and try to eradicate them from your partner's mind by showering love and re-building trust in the relationship.

Follow these ways to deal with a partner who doubts on you. For a healthy relationship, cut the root of doubt before it grows into a tree!

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