Signs You Are Becoming A Sex Addict


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Signs You Are Becoming A Sex Addict

Sex can be fun and in some cases it can be dangerous too. You can become a sex addict if you are too much into love making or thinking about it constantly. While, a healthy and active sex life is good for the body but, indulging more than necessary into this habit can only make you an addict.

What is sex addiction?
It is an urge to get physical with someone and enjoy pleasure. You always tend to think about sex and wish to make love every now and then.

How to know that you are a sex addict?
Do you watch too much of pornography? If so, then control your urges and check if you are addict to it or not. If you can't control and end up watching porn videos everyday, then it is a sign that you are becoming a sex addict. You have to control your sexual desire to watch pornography before it gets to
o late.
Do you suit yourself every night? Masturbation is healthy but getting addicted to this habit can be really harmful for your sex life. Even after having sex, you will not feel satisfied and then you will end up shagging. Similarly, not having sex for more than 2 days makes you frustrated, and this shows that you are becoming a sex addict. Control your sexual desires for a week and observe.

When you become a sex addict, you always want to have sex with anyone! If your partner is not in the mood for making love or you are bored of him/her, you will start making love with a new partner. Cheating your mate for sex is another sign to know that you are getting addicted.

When your partner is not ready to make love, you generally drop the plan till your partner feels comfortable. But, if you are forcing your partner to have sex with you against his/her wishes, then it means you are addicted to sex and would want to get it anyhow!

These are few signs to know if you are becoming a sex addict. If you are only thinking about sex or self pleasure techniques all the time, it is time to become aware. This addiction can be cured in the earlier stages but, if you notice it later, you have to consult sexologists and get over this addiction with a medical help.

Sex addiction is harmful for your personal relationships. If things do not run according to your wishes, you might end up abusing your partner physically due to frustration. So, it is best to control your urges.

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