SIL is always hurting me?

Mar 7, 2014
my sil is always hurting me by comparing with her in all the things, like her beauty, color, hair, her cooking style, dressings etc.. etc..

initially i just left it but now it is irritating me a lot.

avangala paarthave erichala varuthu.. just thought to get escaping from her whenever i met.

how can i manage her irritating character?

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Dec 28, 2011
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hai girl. .
its very hard to face..
i think , u try act lik her..
means dnt giv any failr effect or sad effct infrnt of them...
alwys giv a smil for their ctivits.. just act...

ur activits dnt hurt me.. lik this act..
then if they iritat u.. then giv rply to lock their mouth. .

athukaka neengalum pathiluku hurt pana solala..
bt avunga vera qus keaka chanc kudukama mouth close pana vaikanaum...

if they say hey im lookng beauty.. then u say ya u r very pretty .. try to this mdl.. wear this bangles.. lik this u giv rply... then they automatically change...

means avunga luku aatharava irukira mari act panunga..
if they yell u or giv any bad cmt thn, u just giv ur smil for rply...

wait for good opprtunity...
avunga yevalavu cmpar pani mattam thatunalum neenga asarama pathil solunga sirichikite...
avungata nala ponnu mari iruka try panunga...

suppos thanga mudilana avunga irukira plc vittu thoorama veliya poirunga.. .
thn tim kidaikum po avunga pana thappa nasookka vera oru ahl pana mari story creat pani ipadi irukuthu intha ulagam apdi ipadinu filtup pani vidunga...

avunga muna ungala neengale thalthi kolathinga...
nimirnthu niilunga..
kutta kutta kuniyathinga....

pathiluku pathil solunga.. hurt panama.. smile panikite.....
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Dec 2, 2011
Hi Kalaimagal,

These type of boasting people will be very common in many in - law's houses. These are common not only in our in-laws' houses, but are also common with many people in the society.

Your SIL is boasting/comapring about these. Many others will boast about their children etc.

What will we do, if some unknown persons are boasting of themselves?

The similar situation should be handled here also.

If any of our close friend is boasting, we will immediately make fun of her or scold her to change her character.

But in your SIL's case, you cannot behave like this.

Just keep quiet. Please never react to her by talking anything to her boasting character.

But you can show your unwillingness to hear it (முகச்சுளிப்பு ) in your face, by twisting/extending your lips a little. But remember, this should also, not be in a harsh way.

This facial expression will surely intimate her, that you don't like her boasting.

After showing through your face, you can just leave that place, for a while.

By this activity every now and then, she will surely understand, that you are fed up of her character.

Later, she will surely reduce her boasting character.

If she is still continuing by coming at the back of you, you can also continue the same activities.

But during her other general talks or other talks about the family or children, you can very well enjoy her talks and mingle with them.

By doing this, she will understand very soon about your hatred towards her boasting.

Never spill any words/harsh words regarding these, because, those words will stay in mind, forever.

If she is still insisting you to react through words like " what do you say about my......etc..., I am so beautiful than are darker...etc...."

And if the situation goes out of control, only then, you should follow the below.

Please tell her only once that, " your brother has married me, only after liking these existing beauties of mine. That is quite enough for me. I am satisfied with this and I want to attract you all only through my character and not my beauty".

Please never repeat this.

When you back answer you in-laws for these silly reasons, the family harmony will get spoilt.

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