Simple acts of love can make a big improvement in your marriage


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Jul 5, 2011
Simple acts of love can make a big improvement in your marriage

These simple acts can make a big difference if they are done with a willing heart and a good attitude. Some of the ones that your spouse chooses may make you uncomfortable. Those are probably the ones that will improve your marriage the most. Real love will push you outside your comfort zone to make a big statement to your spouse.

Once they’ve done this for you, then pick at least one item off the list a day and do it whether you feel like it or not. The more you do, the more love you will feel for your spouse and the more love they will feel for you. This will improve your marriage!

1. Sit on the same piece of furniture together.
2. Hold hands while watching T.V.
3. Stop on the way home from work and buy his/her favorite treat.
4. Ask your spouse out on a date and schedule it right then.
5. Kiss your spouse when you leave or enter the room they are in.
6. Call them at work just to say you were thinking of them.
7. Ask how their day was and really listen to their answer.
8. Watch football with him this weekend.
9. Give up watching the game to go do something with her.
10. Go shopping with her this weekend.
11. Give up shopping to go do something with him.
12. Read a book together and discuss it.
13. Enroll in a class together.
14. Create a special playlist of romantic songs for your spouse.
15. Send your spouse flowers at work.
16. Write your spouse a love note.
17. Tell her that she is beautiful.
18. Tell him that he is very good at what he does.
19. Go for a walk together and hold hands.
20. Make your spouse breakfast.
21. Clean up by yourself after dinner.
22. Compliment your spouse in front of others and while you are alone.
23. Go camping together.
24. Plan a surprise weekend away together.
25. Be the first to say you are sorry and forgive them quickly when they make a mistake.
26. Light a candle at dinner.
27. Give your spouse an hour alone just to themselves.
28. Take them to a nice lunch on a weekday.
29. Give them a massage that doesn’t lead to anything else.
30. Leave a rose on her windshield at work.
31. Greet your spouse at the door with a hug and kiss.
32. Go dancing with your spouse.
33. Go outside and stare at the stars together.
34. Snuggle up together and stay that way for at least 15 minutes.
35. Do something out of the ordinary together.
36. Be especially affectionate with touches and kisses all day.
37. Ask your spouse about their goals.
38. Leave a sweet comment on their Facebook wall.
39. Buy them a small gift for no particular reason.
40. Do their least favorite chore for them.
41. Take their car and get it washed.
42. Offer your spouse the chance to go out with their friends guilt-free.
43. Take your spouse to their favorite place to eat.
44. Take a day off to spend with them.
45. Take the kids to a babysitter and spend a romantic night at home.
46. Wait on them hand and foot for the day.
47. Turn off all other distractions and just talk to your spouse.
48. Do that one thing with your spouse that you’ve always resisted doing.
49. Tell them, “I love you” at least twice a day.
50. Pray out loud together.
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Ruler's of Penmai
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Jul 26, 2012
O great. These many small things by which we can earn love from our better half. Very nice ideas which are not at all difficult and not expensive ideas only our own change towards showing our love towards our better half. thanks

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