Simple Exercises To Cure Finger Pain


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Simple Exercises To Cure Finger Pain

While working, talking or sitting idle, some people have got this habit of cracking their finger joints. For such people, cracking bones is a pass time or an instant exercise to get rid of finger bone pain. Even for working professionals, typing whole day can make fingers pain very easily. Alternatively, injury or overload can cause finger pain. However, cracking bones especially finger joints can be really harmful. So, whenever you get finger pain, try these simple exercises to get relief.

Simple exercises to cure finger joint pain:

It is one of the most beneficial exercises to get relief from finger pain. Stretch your fingers slightly. Open the fist and stretch. Close your fist like you are about to punch and then repeat it all over again. If you do not have a finger injury, you can stretch your fingers outwards and backwards. Pull your finger tip outwards and stretch gently.

Rotate the wrist: Often finger joint and wrist pain occur together. To cure such pain, rotate your wrist. Make a punch with your right hand fist and slightly hold the wrist with your left hand. Now rotate your wrist clockwise as well as anti-clockwise. You can do these exercises anywhere and any time to get relief from finger as well as wrist pain.

Finger dance: Remember how you used to play with your fingers as a child to scare your friends? You can do this exercise to cure finger joint pain easily. After typing the whole day, slight finger pain is obvious. So, just start playing with your fingers. Move them in different ways as if you are trying some step or climbing a ladder. Make sure you stretch so that the muscles relax.

Join fingers: Sometimes, when you exert some pressure on your fingers, you feel relaxed. This is because your muscles relax and stretches when pressure in applied to the fingers. Join your palms and interlock the fingers. Now that your fingers looks criss-crossed, exert some pressure from both the palms for 4-8 seconds. Relax and repeat 4-5 times.

Apart from doing these exercises, you can try easy home remedies like soaking fingers in warm/hot water. This provides instant relief from finger joint pain.

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