Simple Tricks to Swallow Bad Tasting Medicine


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Jul 9, 2015
Hate taking pills ? This can be a problem not just for children but adults as well, especially if the medicine is part of a daily routine. Here are few tricks to take a bad tasting medicine.

1. Numb your taste buds by sucking an ice cube just before taking the medicine. The temporary anesthesia of the tongue makes it easier to swallow the pill.

2. You can also keep the pills in the refrigerator to dull its flavor.

3. Expose your tongue to strong sensation such as chewing basil leaves, clove or amla . The initial taste on the taste-buds makes the flavor of the medicine flat.

4. If you are drinking a medicine, you can use a straw so that there is no contact of the medicine on the taste-buds. It will directly go down the throat.

5. Smell is the sense that works with taste buds to give flavor of a food. So, block the air in the nostrils for a very short period while you swallow the medicine.

To swallow big sized pills, doctors suggest one tip which may raise your eyebrows, but it is worth trying once..

Instead of putting the chin up for swallowing, put your chin down (look down) to swallow the pill. This position opens the esophagus and closes the windpipe that makes the pill to slide down easily.

Hope this helps

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