Simple Weight Loss Exercises for Women at Home!!


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Sep 3, 2012


Bicycling – Cardio Exercises boost metabolism and help to reduce weight that give surprising results within few weeks.

Dancing – Another Effective Cardio weight loss Exercise for Women is Dancing. It’s a fun and Enjoyable way to lose weight.

Swimming – By Swimming for an hour you can get rid of 800 calories. However this figure may vary depending on the intensity of your Strokes.

Jump rope - Jumping rope is a great aerobic exercise that also focuses on many muscle groups. Challenge yourself on your jump rope skills to make a game out of it for some fun. If you do not have a jump rope on hand, you can still do it if you know the motions.

Stair Walks - If you have a flight of stairs, go up and down them a few times. (You could even grab a load of laundry as you’re going that way anyway!) This will help to tone up your legs, while getting some low impact aerobic exercise as well. If you don’t have any stairs available, just walk around the house a few times – it may not be very exciting, but it will do the job!!

Yoga and Meditation - Yoga has successfully helped many people to come back their Original Shape. Power Yoga is Known for giving effective results in weight loss and to boost general strength of body.


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