Simran prefers a natural over a made up face


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Jul 5, 2011
Simran prefers a natural over a made up face

Former Miss India and actress Simran Kaur Mundi shares the secret to her beautiful skin with us.
Your go-to red carpet beauty regime for your skin?
Skin is not only a symbol of beauty but good health. Skin problems occur due to lack of proper blood circulation. Hence exercise is very important to get a natural glow. I swear by sunblock and never step out without it. I exfoliate at regular intervals using a Dermalogica product, as it is removes dead skin cells and makes skin smooth.

Mane point
Regular trims ensure healthier hair. It's very important to keep ends trimmed so that they don't split or thin out at the bottom. My hair has a tendency to go dry, so I use Kerastase Nutritive Nourishing Treatment Mask to makes it silky and shiny.

Any special care you indulge in before a big evening out?
I massage my hair with cocunut oil before washing it off. Coconut oil that can do everything - foster hair growth, take care of dry hair, and give your hair a lustre.

Make-up mantra for the day and night?
Use make up only when necessary. I mostly prefer the no make up look. During the day, I just wear lip gloss and mascara. For a night out, I pretty much stick to a natural radiant look depending on the occasion and what I am wearing.

A make-up, skin or hair trick you[ve learnt from someone?
Run a clove of garlic over your nail beds to strengthen them; it's smelly but it really works! To dry out pimples, dip a cotton bud in honey and apply it on the spot.

Favourite fragrance?
J'adore by Dior and Issey Miyake.

Your go-to products?
Elemis Visible Radiance Serum, Neutrogena sunblock SPF 50. I recently discovered Chanel Precision Body Excellence Firming Moisture Milk and love it. It's a light lotion and is really good for the summers. It smells fabulous and the fragrance stays.

Must-have in your make-up kit?
Dior Show mascara, Mac Studio Fix, a lip balm and gloss.

A beauty disaster?
I once used a foundation that made my face look extra white and unnatural! I didn't realise it until I saw the pictures later. Since then I always make sure my foundation matches my skin.

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