Sing to baby bump, bond with the fetus


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Jul 5, 2011
Sing to baby bump, bond with the fetus

: Moms-to-be, please note! Singing to your baby bump can help you relax by releasing the 'happy hormone' and also bond with your unborn child as it helps the baby recognize the mother's voice, experts say.

In a new trend across the UK, a mom-to-be singing workshop is being carried out at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital; one of a growing number of classes using singing to help women prepare for birth, the Daily Mail reported.

Advocates claim singing helps mothers relax by increasing levels of endorphins and the happy hormone serotonin. They can bond with their unborn child as singing helps the baby recognize the mother's voice.

The breathing techniques learnt in singing classes also alleviate pain during labour, experts say.

This particular course - called Wombsong - is the first of its kind to be offered free to National Health Service patients
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