sister in law problem

Feb 4, 2015
hi all

my sister in las is the biggest problem for my life. i need a solution for this problem. my sister in law is 6yrs elder than me and she has 2 children. monthly twice she will come to our house with her children. she is very jealous type. whenever she comes to our house she creates problem with me and my husband and mil. her family is not rich as what we are. she purposely insults me.

if i talk to her she won't respond properly but she would complaint to my mil that i am not giving respect to her. she is very jealous about the relationship between me and my husband. for small petty things she will make an issue. my life is spoiling because of her. if she comes there will be a problem with my mil atleast for 2 days. how to deal with this jealous sil. how to avoid problems in the family because of her.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai.....Ilamathi.

Please do not worry.

This is the most common scenario in almost all the families.

Your SIL is behaving like this only because of her inferiority complex , that they are poorer than your family.

Most of the SILs will behave like this only. Some of them behave friendly and understanding , but many of them will have one or the other complaints about their brother's wife.

Try to ignore all her complaints.

Just keep quiet.

Do not complain about her to your husband. if you complain about her, only then you will have the fights with your husband.

Even if she is not responding your talks, please don't leave them. Always enquire about her family, children and other well beings of her family.

Talk softly to her children and do not have any unnecessary talks with her.

Do not react to her if she is complaining about you.

Always try to have a smiling face in front of her.

Within few months, both your husband and MIL will come to understand about you and her.

Whenever she visits your house, give some special sweets or snacks to her children.

You can take her children to the nearby parks and make them play along with your children.

Once in a month , you can take her family also along with you to any movies or any outing.

You may present some suitable gifts, for her , her husband's, her children's birthdays and for her wedding day.

The gifts can be some household things too. These may be helpful for her.

You can ask the suggestion of your MIL and your husband too, for the selection of gifts.

By this, your MIL and husband will be pleased and will surely have a very good opinion about you.

She may be satisfied with all these and may stop complaining about you.

All the best.

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