sister inlaw asking my sarees and few jewells

Jan 24, 2012
my sister in law and me was in good relation only not any controversions. last week she called me and asked my saree which was gifted by my husband for our 1st anniversary for her to wear for a function. and also she asked two studs and bangles.

i dont like to share my things with anybody. how can i avoid her without hurting her and spoiling our relation.?


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Sep 2, 2014
Hi Aishu,
You have every right to say NO. But the ugly truth is you cant say this without hurting.

But can you try sharing the stud or bangle just this time. Your saree, given by your husband, definetly has personal attachment reason. Try to convince her that, another saree of hers is better than yours. Even better get her a similar new saree, and tell her that you wanted to get her new one, because she liked it so much. Or get an affordable alternative. But both ways it should be too good choice, for her to reject.

After few days, openly say her that you were brought up in a way that you were not allowed to share your personal belongings with others. Tell her that you really felt bad that you were uneasy to share with her in the past above incident. Also tell her that it might take some time for you to change(even if you dont want to change).

I dont think there is any other way to politely convey this(without hurting). She will surely understand. Atleast she will hesitate to ask your stuff, next time.

I just put myself in the shoes of your sister-in-law, and gave my opinion.

Hope it helps.

priya ravi

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Jun 13, 2011
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Hi Aishu

For saree, just inform her it was ur first anniversary gift from ur husband and its very personal to u .. She will understand as everyone has similar ones at home :) . Also if u can look around and buy a similar one for her, u will win her heart

second, for the jewels, offer it for now.. But make urself a point to ask her jewels next time for an occassion.. Though u wont be wearing it, it would definitely give her the moments u r in right now and it will make her think twice before asking any jewel from u again

Good luck..

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