sister is in coma can i marry her husband

Apr 30, 2013
my name is nithya bama. my age is 22. my sister 10 years elder to me. she married before 7 years. her husband is a nice man. she has 2 children. 3 years before my sister met with an accident. she was in coma stage still now. doctor cannot predict when she will recover or not. at the time of accident she has two daughters aged 2 years and another 6 month baby. both the children were in our house. i will take care of them. i look similar to my sister so 6 months baby will be with me always. and the baby thought me as her mom and still now both the kids are calling me mom. i love them very much. my sister husband like the children very much so he comes once in a week. now we got a news that in my sisters husband searching for a girl for his second marriage. my mother asked to the brother in law about this. he cinfirmed this and he want to live with his kids and so he is going to marry as to take care his children in day time. we also agreed. my sister elder daughter understood the matter. and she cried that both the kids like me very much and they will not go with their father. she told they want to be with me. in the night i also thought i also cannot live without them as they are calling me mom. i told this to my family members. they atlast told me one of the better choice will be me marrying my sister husband. the children also like this idea. they also asked to my brother in law . he told no other will be better mom for his child other than me and he also agreed. its now my turn to take decision. what i want to do.


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Sep 19, 2012
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ஹலோ நித்யபாமா,
நல்வரவு என அன்புடன் அழைக்கிறோம்.
சற்று பொறுங்கள், எமது சீனியர் நண்பர்கள், தங்களுக்கு பதிலுரை அளிப்பார்கள்!


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Dec 2, 2011

Welcome to Penmai Nithyabama.

Your family situation is really pathetic. Feel sad about it.

If this is your situation, there is no other go for you and your sister's daughters, than, you marrying your brother-in-law.

But, you need to think about some matters.

First of all, there is a big age gap between you and your BIL. You are too young for him(he might be around 35). You both need to adjust a lot in married life.

Then, he should not suspect you in married life because of your young age (if you talk to other gents).This will not happen with every male. I am cautioning you about this because,even if it happens, you should be ready to face , and should not get upset.

Don't ask him about this bluntly. Just ask him, whether it is OK with the age difference.

Some times, he may take very good care of you with a fatherly care also. This will be very good.

Another problem is, if your sister regains her conscious, she may not accept this marriage. But when your BIL is ready to marry some other girl, it will not be difficult for your sister, to accept you than the other girl.

Later in life, you should not regret for having married a old person and as a second wife. This is the most important factor.

So, think all about these, and decide.

This decision is good because, your sister's daughters will not loose your and their father's care. They will be happy in life.


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