Sitting Down for too long Increases Death Risk!!!!


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Sep 3, 2012

A new study has suggested that sitting down for long hours at one place can cause the risk of death by initiating many diseases. Read the details here:

Experts have linked the long hours of sitting with a number of health problems and premature death from cardiovascular disease. Adults who spend more than four hours a day sitting in front of the television had an 80 percent increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease than those who spend less than two hours in watching television. And it is not only watching television that contribute to such a pathetic health condition, but any kind of sitting for prolonged hours can give rise to some major distresses. This risk is maintained with less workout in the gym, say for 15-20 minutes a week. When you sit down, the muscle contraction starts creating problem for the human body. So here is a review of this study. Take a look here below!!

[h=4]Sitting Down raises Death Risk[/h]
The finding of this study was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. It says that people who sit for long hours are more likely to die earlier than those who sit for a less time.

Prolonged sitting hours raise the risk of death by 40 percent in women and 20 percent in men. Such a habit increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression and obesity. This finding was established by American Society researchers who looked at 123,000 people's health for 14 years. It puts down the sitting down for extended periods of time in the same bracket as Smoking. Some diabetic patients say that sitting for moderate hours is not bad for health, but it can be addictive and harmful in the long run. It also says that sitting for more than four hours can give more troubles to body. One should do some light movements after every two hours.

Government exercise recommendations suggests at least 30 minutes in five days per week of 'moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity'. They also say to do at least 20 minutes of 'vigorous-intensity' activity for three days per week. It will produce good benefits for a healthy body.

Experts also say that long-hour sitting can cause muscle contraction and accumulation of a lot of fat in your body leading to many dangerous health problems. So guys, do not sit for long hours as this can give a real tough time to maintain a good body order. Take Care and Good Luck!!

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