Six things you don’t know about your Tea!


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Jun 28, 2011
Once when the king of China, Shain Nung was served warm water, a few leaves flew and fell into his cup and the colour of his water changed. When the king took a sip of that coloured water, he liked the taste of
it very much. This is when tea was originated.
This incident took place before even Christ was born. The first time when tea was mentioned, it was year 350. The Dutch businessmen took tea from China to Europe in 1610 and it slowly became the favourite
beverage of everyone.
It was the British whose attention first went on the tea leaves grown in Assam. These leaves till then were only used by the local tribal people in their beverage. India’s then governor Lord Batik thought of
mass production of tea leaves in 1834. Assam tea gardens were planted in

Quick source of energy
Tea has limited amount of caffeine in it. This acts as stimulator, which provides instant energy to body. Adding black pepper in tea can cure head-aches created due to gas. Tea is considered good for people
suffering from high cholesterol, allergy, liver and heart-related
diseases. Adding milk in tea reduces the antioxidants in it. Adding
sugar reduces calcium from it.

For strong bones
Fluoride present in tea makes bones strong.

Saves from cancer
Tea protects against cancer as it is antioxidant. This helps to fight cancer.

Cold and cough
Common infections like cold and cough are reduced in a person’s body if he/she consumes tea.

Maintains water content in body
Tea helps in meeting water shortage in body and helps one stay hydrated. Coffee on the other hand does not remain in the body for long and come out in urine.

Reduces fat
Tea is calorie-less. Tea has no calorie till the time one adds sweetener or milk in it. Plain tea on the other hand increases ones metabolism. Green tea is most helpful in this matter and burns up to 70
to 80 calories.

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Jul 26, 2012
Really these facts are unknown to me sumathi srini. thank you for enriching our knowledge about tea.

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