Skin Care Tips for a Beautiful and Healthy Skin !!!


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Sep 3, 2012
A healthy looking skin is what we all desire for! But do we really feed our skin with the needed care and nutrition! Is our diet balanced enough! All your queries will be solved through the skin care tips, mentioned below:
[h=4]Natural and Healthy Skin Care Tips[/h]Diet- Excess of everything is bad; so keep everything in moderation, if you want your diet to be balanced. En-limit all your unhealthy food cravings to weekends only. Keep your weekdays as much healthy as you can. Go for super-nutritious sprouts, green salads, fruit salads, fruit smoothies, soups and always opt for lean meats, if you prefer non-vegetarian food. But again remember, keep non-vegetarian food items, caffeine, sugar intake and sodium in moderation.

Hydrate- Sufficient water intake keeps your skin moisture intact. This natural liquid helps in removing fine lines and wrinkles from your skin, preferably warm water. Always keep drinking water with you, indoors or outdoors. Never walk out of your home without a bottle of drinking water with you.

Exercise- Around 20-minute workout everyday keeps your skin firm and well-toned. A fine exercising regime keeps the blood circulation well-balanced, supplying nutrients to the whole body system. This way, your skin gets proper nutrition.

Remove make-up- Remove your make up when you go to sleep at night by using a natural cleanser, such as milk, olive oil and if these things don't suit your skin then go for a very mild facial cleanser. Make up clogs your skin pores giving a space for the growth of pimples and other aging marks. So, make sure that you take it off before going to your bed.

Moisturize- Apply a good moisturizer daily on your skin. Its use helps in fixing the problems of dry, flaky and rough skin. If you want to go for a natural moisturizer, then go for fresh milk cream or butter; only if you have a dry skin. People with oily skin need to soothe their skin with a few drops with a good quality of rose water.

Other tips- Do apply a good sunscreen on your body before going out in a dry, hot and sunny day to avoid sunburn. Some people believe sunscreens are not important to apply on in winters. This is totally a myth. Your skin needs protection from the harmful rays of the sun even in cold season. So, you must use it in every season. Natural way to prevent your skin from sunburns is to apply a fuller's earth body pack every weekend, but in summers only. Also, this prevents your skin from the prickly heat.

To conclude, a poor skin is the result of a poor skin care regime, including poor diet, negligence and excessive exposure to unhealthy environment and skin irritants. For this, always prefer natural and healthy atmosphere, healthy diet and workout. Keep yourself well-hydrated, no matter what. Avoid too much spicy and deep-fried foods. Just by following these tips, you can proudly own a glowing, vibrant and healthy skin.


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Jul 26, 2012
It is correct time you have brought out this blog because of chill weather the skin will become dry. your suggestions will be very much useful thanks gkarti

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